Tankless Water Heaters

18 Jul. 19

Should I Buy a Tankless Water Heater?

A new water heater can be expensive and costly for the homeowners, especially if you are not prepared to replace your existing one. They are however a necessity for most homeowners and finding the right heater shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before running out and jumping at the first water heater that looks like a good deal, its important to ask the question… should I buy a tank-less water heater?

What are my options?

Should you buy a brand-new heater or attempt to repair the one you currently have? Most times if it winds up saving money to simply make the replacement. There are a couple of options that have here. You can go with your traditional electric water heater, or you can go with a new tank-less heater.

Should I buy the tank-less water heater or not?

Well, let’s learn a little about what a tank-less water heater is and then decide whether it is the right option for your home.

What is a Tank-less Water Heater?

Tank-less water heaters

Tank-less water heaters have become quite popular in the last few years. These high-powered water heaters tend to heat the water more rapidly and carry it to your faucets directly without the need to store it in the tank. These water heaters are can be powered by electricity or gas and are considered to be about 22% more energy efficient; therefore, most of the people are opting for these instead of the traditional tank water heaters.

Differences Between the Traditional Water Heaters and Tank-less Water Heaters:

There’s a huge difference between the traditional heaters and tank-less water heaters. These differences will make it easier for you to figure out whether buying the traditional one is a good idea or if you should go with a tank-less water heater.

If we compare the two, tank-less hot water heaters tend to win the debate. We see much more frustration come from owning a traditional water heater due to the limited amount of water that can be stored, which when consumed, takes a lot of time to heat and fill again.

For example, if you are getting ready to head to the office and need to shower but someone has already used all the hot water then you’ll have to wait another 30-40 minutes for the tank to fill with hot water. If you happened to own a tank-less water heater, you can use as much warm water as you like since the water is directly heated and transferred to the tap.

If you intend to live in your home for years to come, then opting for the tank-less water heater is most likely a better option. Tank-less water heaters are cost-efficient and over time will lower your electricity or gas bills, because water is only heated as needed. Thus, being an excellent choice for all the homeowners out there.

Apart from this, you can also get more extended warranties and save a lot of space if you choose a tank-less water heater. There are many designs and models available in the tank-less water heater space and, therefore making the change can be relatively easy.

We hope that this information helps to make your next water heater purchase a bit easier. If you need any further assistance, please contact one of our water heating specialists today.Water Heater Replacement