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Water heaters require regular maintenance and repair over time as they are used on a routine basis. One of the most common issues with water heaters is sediment buildup. Limescale and other minerals accumulate along the sides of the tank as the water heats up. If you don’t filter the minerals out of the water heater, they will develop a sediment barrier that settles on the heater and affects its performance.

Aside from inspecting the accumulation of sediments, our plumbers can also check the burner of the water heater on a regular basis. The flame must be blue with yellow tips to get the best performance out of your water heater. If it has a yellow-orange color, it’s an indicator of incomplete burning that results in the poor performance of the water heater and production of harmful carbon monoxide gas.

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When to Repair Your Water Heater?

Water heaters can last many years, but as time goes on the heater will not be near as efficient and will be prone to failure. You should not wait for your heater to fail before you replace it. Because water heaters are one of the top users of energy in your home, accounting for as much as 25 percent of the energy use at home; it is important to replace the unit if you start to notice it becoming less efficient. This will cause the amount of energy it consumes to increases over time making the heater more expensive to operate over time.

If you still have a traditional tank-based water heater and do not want to waste water and money heating the water when you are not using it, consider replacing it with a tank-less water heating system. It can save you money and at the same time reduce your ecological footprint. Tank-less water heaters are more energy efficient as compared to traditional heating systems. As the name pertains, they don’t have a tank to store water. Instead, they automatically turn on when you turn your faucet to hot. It doesn’t require consistent energy to store, which can result in large savings each year.

Water Heater Installation
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Key Benefits of our Water Heater Repair and Installation Services:

Whether you need a basic repair of your current water heater, or a brand new heater to keep your water hot; call our team of qualified and talented professionals. We take pride in the honest work we perform and we can’t wait to help meet all of your plumbing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good if my home water pressure is 75 lbs. per square inch?

Unfortunately, the legal limit is 70lb for a good reason. Having the water pressure too high can cause plumbing fixtures to create unwanted noise. If your homes pressure is over 70 lb, On Time Plumbing Services can install a PRV (Pressure Reducing Value).

Why won’t my pilot light?

If you pilot won’t light, the most common issue is a bad thermo-couple or a faulty part inside the water heater.

What color should my pilot light be?

If you pilot light is blue, the ratio of fuel to air is correct. If your pilot light is orange, this is caused by dust and dirt getting burned. If the pilot light is yellow, then there is no air going to the flame and inspection is recommended immediately.

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